Röhrensteg Reopened, Still Work to be Done


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ZWICKAU (SAXONY), GERMANY- A cold afternoon lingers over the Ore Mountains, the fingers tingling and icy cold, yet the brave soul prevails as he crosses a historic landmark for the first time in almost a year. The Röhrensteg, a 1500s-era covered bridge spanning the Zwickau Mulde on the south end of Zwickau is now open to traffic. After seven months of being closed due to a massive makeover, the bridge now provides access to Reinsdorf and all points east after pedestrians and cyclists were forced to take a detour either via the Schedewitz Bridges to the southwest or the Paradiesbrücke to the northeast.

While scaffolding is still on the bridge due to some minor cosmetic work done on the bridge, one will have a chance to take a look at what changes were done to the bridge, both up close and personal, as well as from a distance. To find out how much work was done, I’ve created an activity for the readers to compare and discuss. Have a look at the Röhrensteg in its original form when it was filmed and photographed in 2016 and compare it to the film I produced on the day of its posting, as well as the photos and answer the following questions:

1. What is different in the bridge after its rehabilitation in terms of its sturcture and design, both inside and out?

2. What was left as is?

3. What could be worked on further?

4. How satisfied are you with the reconstruction? With this question, I have a poll for you to grade on.


Have a look and feel free to comment as well.  🙂


Röhrensteg Before the Rehabilitation



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Rohrensteg after the Reopening and Rehabilitation 2018:


Link to gallery below here.

Additional photos via Google Photos here. An updated version can be found here.

A tour guide on Zwickau’s historic bridges can be found here.



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