Historic Bridges in the News

Kingpost truss bridge spanning the L’aire River in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo taken in 2006

 The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles also features news updates on historic bridges in the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere from the following websites so that you can also keep up to date on the bridges in your area. They include the following news sites:

BH Chronicles Newsroom: Powered by Twitter, the Chronicles provides you with tweets about the historic and modern bridges in the US, Germany and other countries in five languages. You can access the page here or in the front page of this column and follow to receive all your news tweets. The Chronicles also features Newsflyers articles pertaining to certain bridges and other bridge-related items of concern. These can be found in the Chronicles itself entitled: Newsflyer and the date. Supplemental articles on regions with a high density of bridges in the US, Germany and beyond can also be found through sister column The Flensburg Files, which can be found here.

Historic Bridges Newsroom: Operated by Nathan Holth of Historic Bridges.org, this Twitter site provides you with some headlines of the vast number of historic bridges that are either preserved or replaced with a modern structure with a questionable appearance. You can access Historic Bridge News here.

Furthermore, there are some other websites of interest that has some news and information pertaining to historic bridges and other artifacts. They include the following:

Historic and Notable Bridges of the US- owned by James Baughn and based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Bridgemapper–  owned by Todd Wilson and Lauren Winkler and based in Pittsburgh

Preservation in Pink– owned by Kaitlin O’shea and based in Vermont

 John Marvig Railroad Bridges– owned by John Marvig and based in Chaska, Minnesota.

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