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gray metal bridge
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The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles provides news stories pertaining to historic and unique bridges, whether they are being preserved or pushed aside in the name of progress. While much of the stories will appear here on this website, the Chronicles also has a weekly podcast, The BHC Newsflyer, where you can listen to the latest headlines pertaining to bridges around the world. The podcast is powered by Anchor, yet you can further read up on the events via links provided in the article posted in this website.


Podcast via Anchor: 

Since 2019, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has been producing podcasts with news stories on historic and unique bridges and reference links to the sources. To subscribe to its podcast platform Anchor to follow up on the news, click here.

Since 2021, the Newsflyer podcast has also appeared on the wordpress page. You can subscribe to the BHC Newsflyer podcast by simply clicking here.


Social Media Channels:

Not all bridge stories can be posted here. The BHC also has four channels where you can read up more on the bridges that may or may not appear in this page or podcast. The BHC is available via facebook (click here) as well as Twitter (click here). You can also find BHC on Instagram by clicking here and LinkedIn by clicking here.


And lastly, the BHC also has a bridge series, where they play a key role in certain current events. You will find a list of series and the bridges involved below:


Wartime Bridges- Bridges that played a key role during World War II:


Pegasus Bridge in France

Remagen Bridge in Germany

Czew Bridge in Poland (in the introduction)

Tangermünde Bridge in Germany

John Frost Bridge in the Netherlands- Part 1 & Part 2

Jastrowie Railroad Bridge in Poland

Fürstenberg Bridge on the River Oder in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany

Lange Brücke in Forst (Lausitz), Germany

Prinz-Heinrich-Brücke (Prince Heinrich Bridge) in Kiel, Germany

Abandoned Culvert near Asch, Czechia

Abandoned Bridge in Zetendorf (near Neisseau)

Loschwitz Bridge (a.k.a. Blue Miracle/ Blaue Wunder) in Dresden

Dr. Edvard Benes Bridge in Ustí nad Labem (Aussig), Czechia

Dömitz Railroad Bridge in Dömitz, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Germany

Bailey Truss Bridge

Railroad Bridge at former Soviet Airbase near Usti nad Labem, Czechia

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