The Othmar H. Ammann Awards

The Bridge of Friendship at the German-Danish border north of Flensburg. Photo taken in 2011
The Bridge of Friendship at the German-Danish border north of Flensburg. Photo taken in 2011

Each website and group has its own way of recognizing successes and failures. The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has its own award named after an internationally known bridge engineer, who immigrated to the US from Switzerland and left his legacy for the next generations to awe in wonder. It’s the Othmar H. Ammann Awards.

Each year in November, nominations are collected for the following categories:

Lifetime Legacy Award-  given to a person who has dedicated his time and efforts into preserving historic bridges and bridge engineers who have designed bridges with very unique value for many years.

Best Snapshot Award- given to the person who created the best photo of a bridge.

Best Kept Secret Award- given to a bridge or a series of bridges in one area where little attention is given by mainstream media but deserves attention because of their historic value, unique design, and its poster boy example of how other bridges can be preserved and maintained. The category is divided up into two subcategories: the Tour Guide section, which feature cities and regions with a high concentration of historic bridges ranging from a city with many historic bridges, like Lübeck (Germany), to those along a bike trail, such as the Delphi Bike Trail in Indiana, to counties like Caroll County, Indiana. Then there is the individual subcategory which features historic bridges  whose history was not known to man until now, like the Danville Bowstring Arch Bridge in Arkansas or the West Auburn Bridge in Iowa.

Mystery Bridge Award- given to the bridge with little or no information about it, but its design and aesthetic value makes it worth a nomination, serving as an incentive to encourage people to do more research on the bridge.

Best Bridge Preservation Practice Award- given to a group who successfully saved and restored a historic bridge that is now being reused for future purposes. This applies to a bridge that has been restored as well as one that is currently being restored.

Bridge of the Year Award- given to the bridge which has received national and international attention over the course of the year.

With the exception of the Lifetime Legacy and Best Snapshot Awards, the candidates are selected and voted upon in their respected regions (USA and International) as well as All Around.

The candidates are voted by the public in December with the winners announced in January in the Chronicles as well as the Historic and Notable Bridges of the US website. The Awards are in connection with November being National Historic Bridge Month.

Furthermore, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles offers the Author’s Choice Awards where the author chooses his picks based on the collection of news articles and photos throughout the year. They include the categories of:

Best and Worst Examples of Historic Bridge Reuse

The Salvageable Mentioned

The Best Find of a Historic Bridge

and The Biggest Bonehead Story a story of how a person destroys a historic bridge through carelessness, ignorance and stupidity

The nominations are given in two categories: the historic bridges in the USA and the historic bridges on an international scale. The winners of the previous Ammann Awards can be found here:






2016 plus a tribute to Eric Delony


Nominations for the 2018 Ammann Awards will start on 1 October and end on 3 December. Voting will proceed right after the closing of the nominations, ending on January 8th, 2019. Winners will be announced on January 12th.  If you have a bridge or person that deserves to be recognized for either the Ammann Awards or the Best/Worst Pics, please contact Jason D. Smith, using the following contact form below:

For photos, please send them directly via e-mail to Only photos in JPEG (up to 1 MB) and PNG are acceptable. Links to photo websites are accepted. For further photo inquiries, please contact Jason Smith at the Chronicles, directly. Thank you for your help.


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