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New to the Chronicles is this page, a collection of books, documentaries and other literary genre that focuses on the topic of bridges. Regardless of historical, cultural or even preservationary aspects (just to name a few), this page features some reviews of works for readers to take a look at, while at the same time, provide some sources of inspiration through its many genre forms.  This page derives from the Book of the Month concept, which was introduced in 2013 via areavoices but was discontinued. The works profiled there have been included here, together with the latest installments from its revival of 2019. This is in the top half of the page; the bottom half consists of the other literary and genre forms that will show up sporadically in the Chronicles.  Keep visiting this page as there will be more to come.

Book of the Month Series (2013-14; 2019- present)

The Bridges of Madison County

How to Fix Antique Historic Bridges- Film included

Löwenzahn and Bridges

Tour of the Bridges along the Rhine in NRW

Covered Bridges of Jennings County, Indiana (HIYBY)

Rebuilding the Blenheim Covered Bridge

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

The Bridges of Schwarzenberg, Germany

Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, CA


Literature and Genre (2013-14; 2019-present)

The Bridge Builder- Poem

The Unknown Bridge

The Bridge by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Reflections by Norman Brydon

Hull Bridges


Bridge Quotes and Useful Sayings:

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Other Bridge Genres:

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