Bridge collapses ‘killing 81 people’ in India — Metro

The death toll is rising quickly. Link:

Bridge collapses ‘killing 81 people’ in India — Metro

This century old bridge was renovated recently and had endured extreme stress as a result of hundreds of people crossing it. As you read the article above, here’s a video of what the bridge looked like prior to its failure:

And here’s a look at the bridge after its collapse:

Repost: CRYPTOZOHIO: Bridges of Ohio — Random Ohio Reviews

It seems like stories about bridges have been around as long as we have been making them. Songs have been written about their weaknesses. Folk tales tell of trolls taking a toll to cross them. Everywhere there is a body of water that needs crossing and a bridge is made, a story seems to follow. The rivers and lakes […]

Repost: CRYPTOZOHIO: Bridges of Ohio — Random Ohio Reviews

Random Ohio has a set of bridges that they believe to be haunted including the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River, which collapsed in 1967. Details in the link….

Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, abandoned — Roadtirement

Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, aka Brown County Bridge #36, is a very interesting bridge that has been abandoned and is, frankly, degrading at a fairly rapid pace. The website states: “The bridge is severely deteriorated and the bridge is at an increasing risk for collapse. One of the plates that is part of the […]

Bond Cemetery Road Bridge, abandoned — Roadtirement

The Haunted Bridge: ( Sonnet) — Enchanting Tales

As the young lady walked alone across The haunted bridge, she was soon surrounded By ghosts and fairies. Of great love and loss They seemed to whisper. Awe, fear and dread, The young lady felt all, at the same time. But the odd, other worldly creatures meant Her no harm. They only pointed to signs […]

The Haunted Bridge: ( Sonnet) — Enchanting Tales

This poem comes in connection with Halloween. 🎃



BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 211

Our next Pic of the Week is in connection with our upcoming Halloween weekend and it takes us back to Iowa. My family and I made a surprise visit to my parents for Christmas in 2014 but not before making a stop at this bridge. The Bentonsport Bridge is a five-span, pin-connected through truss bridge that spans the Des Moines River in Van Buren County, in southeastern Iowa. The bridge is a rare example of a structure that was built and rebuilt by the same family of bridge builders. The bridge was originally built in 1882 by the King Bridge Company, the bridge company was originally operated under the helm of Zenas King, who played an influential role until his death in 1892. The company continued to build bridges until it shut down in 1926. Flooding in 1903 inundated the village of Bentonsport and washed away the center span. Enter Zenas’ son George E. King, who had established his bridge building company in Des Moines a decade earlier. He surveyed the damaged span built by his father and replaced it with his signature span, which he built throughout the state:

The bridge remained a vehicular crossing until its closure in 1985 and conversion into a pedestrian crossing afterwards.

The Bentonsport Bridge and its adjacent inn, The Mason House, have been considered haunted places. We stayed at the Mason House for a couple days as we visited the Christmas events taking place in Van Buren County. The owners of the hotel have recorded hundreds of encounters with ghosts that have come and gone at the hotel, be it with moving objects and clouds that roamed through the room, or loud whispers from out of nowhere. At the bridge itself there were reports of people and horses running across the bridge at night but not being seen by those who crossed it. These encounters have led to get-togethers with “ghost experts” from across the country and even beyond.

While I heard of loud whispers and creeling doors at the hotel, when I was on the bridge the night these photos were taken, there was nothing but silence on the bridge. But it was drizzly during the night which made for some photos of the structure that was spooky in itself, in my opinion. This had a lot to do with the fact that only one end of the bridge was lit and the other wasn’t, which made it too dangerous to use. Nevertheless, if you brave it, make sure you have a good flashlight on hand and be prepared in case you encounter any phenomenons on the bridge.

The Mason House Inn is still open for business year round, and the owners, Chuck and Joy Hansen would be happy to tell you more stories about their encounters with ghosts and about the nearly 180-year old house and caboose. Feel free to stay at the house, explore the historic village of Bentonsport and who knows? You might encounter some ghosts along the way.

Lodging and booking details you will find here:


Happy Halloween and Bridgehunting, folks. 👻💀🎃

The Bloody Bride Bridge — The Haunted Bridge

Today we are going to be looking at The Bloody Bridge, also known as the High 66 bridge. Located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, it’s said to be the most haunted bridge in this state! With a tale as tragic as it does however, I’m beginning to see why. There was once a newly married couple […]

The Bloody Bride Bridge(Blog #7) — The Haunted Bridge

And lastly, the third bridge in the series courtesy of The Haunted Bridge.


The Witch’s Bridge (Blog #4) — The Haunted Bridge

The Witch’s Bridge is found in Clarksdale, Illinois. It’s 104ft long and is very close to the Anderson cemetery. Filled with a tragic history, this place was destined to be called haunted from the moment it was built. From stories ranging from “zombie dog” to “burn the witch”, it’s no wonder that many are scared […]

The Witch’s Bridge (Blog #4) — The Haunted Bridge

This is bridge number two in the series from the column The Haunted Bridge……


Cotter’s Bridge(Blog #5) — The Haunted Bridge

Cotter’s Bridge was built in the 1930s. It crosses the White River from Baxter County to Marion County. While being well known for it’s beauty, Cotter’s bridge has many myths and legends surrounded it that prove there’s much more than water under this bridge. People have claimed to hear and see children playing on the […]

Cotter’s Bridge(Blog #5) — The Haunted Bridge

This is one of three samples I’m sharing from you that originate from a column known as The Haunted Bridge. Yes, that’s correct. The website focuses solely on haunted structures one should be aware of when visiting them. Feel free to subscribe to that site if you want to follow up on some of the haunted bridge stories. This is one of them. the Cotter Bridge.


Susquehanna River Bridge: A Wonderfully Redundant and Riveted Historic Railroad Bridge — Seismic Saturday

Figure 1: The 1904 Susquehanna River Bridge This #seismicsaturday is riveting! We feature a 1904 railroad bridge across the Susquehanna River near Cooperstown, NY, which your Seismic Saturday correspondent spotted while canoeing. In late 19th century and the early 20th century, when Cooperstown and surrounding areas were manufacturing hubs, the bridge was part of a […]

Susquehanna River Bridge: A Wonderfully Redundant and Riveted Historic Railroad Bridge — Seismic Saturday

Haunted Suicide Railroad Bridge — Roadtirement

The sad story has been repeated over and over: Unwed girl gets pregnant, gives birth, and takes her life and the infant’s life as well. This tale of tragedy takes a paranormal turn in Columbus, Indiana. The time is in the mid 1920’s, when illegitimate children brought shame not only to the mother but to […]

Haunted Suicide Railroad Bridge — Roadtirement