2022 Bridgehunter Awards: Now Taking Entries

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

After a very tumultuous year where anything that could go wrong went wrong (or is going wrong), especially when looking at climate change and all its impacts at every corner of the globe, the shooting sprees in the United States, and the war in Ukraine, which has the full potential to become World War III, there has to be something where we can look at and take pride in what we have, while asking ourselves what we can do to make the situation better for everyone, right?

This year’s Bridgehunter Awards, presented by the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has 2022, as our theme as we’ve added a couple categories and made a few changes in another one to focus on what happened, reflect on them and figure out how to get things right for once, for humanity’s sake.  From now until December 1st, we’re taking entries for this year’s 2022 Awards in the categories of the following:

Best Bridge Photo

Best Example of a Restored Historic Bridge

Bridge Tour Guide (National and International)

Mystery Bridge

Lifetime Achievement

Endangered TRUSS

Lost Bridges Tour Guide

And lastly,

Bridge Media and Genre


New to this year’s awards are the following:

Best Kept Secret Individual Bridge-

We’re including bridges that are unique but were severely damaged or destroyed during the war in Ukraine as well as through the natural disasters we faced this year. We had quite a few this year; sadly what is gone cannot be brought back.


War Time Bridge-

This is a (hopefully) a one-off category. Entries must feature a bridge that played a key role in a military conflict. It can be one that was destroyed in conflict. Those who enter a bridge in this category must provide a summary of its history and why it played a significant role. All bridge entries here will be included in the War Time Bridge page in the Chronicles. To view the page, click here. Apart from the ones from the World Wars and other conflicts in the past, it also includes the current conflict in Ukraine and therefore, all bridges in the conflict with photos and all are welcomed here.


Spectacular Bridge Disasters-

Normally this is awarded by the author himself in the Author’s Choice Awards. However, there were too many bridge disasters this year that it was decided to open this category for voting. Aside from what has been reported in the Chronicles, if you have some that deserve mentioning, please use the contact form and submit your entry. Keep in mind, a summary of the bridge disaster and its location are needed in order to qualify, plus either a video or photo or both.


For more information on what is allowed in the entries, please check on the link below so that you have an idea what you can submit. You’ll find a list of the previous award winners in the link.

Link: The Bridgehunter Awards

To submit your entries, use the contact details in this page.  The contest is open to all ages and you can enter as many as you want in each of the categories mentioned.


Because of the aforementioned circumstances plus Covid-19, entries of this year and dating as far back to 2019 are allowed for this year’s awards.  If you have any questions, please contact Jason Smith at the Chronicles using the Contact Form.

As in the past, all entries must be received by no later than December 1st at 12:00pm Chicago Time (7:00pm Berlin Time). Voting will then start afterwards and will last through all of December and most of January 2023, ending at 12:00pm Chicago Time on January 20th. The Winners will be announced on January 21st .

Hope to see some unique entries in this year’s contest and happy bridgehunting, folks! Stay safe out there, wherever you are.