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The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles features a pocket tour guide featuring communities and regions where historic bridges are plentiful in number and can be seen.  Regardless of whether they are located in big cities like Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Berlin or even Copenhagen, or in districts or states, such as Indiana, Iowa, Schleswig-Holstein or even Saxony, the this page features tour guides of places with bridges to see (with pictures, links and information) in the US, Europe and beyond. It also features regions where historic bridges were once plentiful but have disappeared or are dwindling in numbers rapidly. All articles and tour guides are courtesy of the author and his contributors. Many of them are first and second place finishers of the Othmar H. Ammann Awards for the Tour Guide category, while a few of them won the Author’s Choice Awards.

As the number of tour guides increase continuously, stop here on a regular basis to plan your bridgehunting tour to a region of interest.  🙂


Bridge Tour Guides (US)

Historic Bridge Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

Historic Bridges of Yosemite National Park

Historic Bridges of Bertram, Iowa

Historic Bridges of Ames, Iowa

Historic Bridges of Des Moines: Night Bridge Tour, Arch Bridges, Truss Bridges

Historic Bridges of Harvey/ Tracy, Iowa

The Historic Bridges of Marion County, Iowa, Horn’s Ferry and Pella Draw Bridge

The Bridges of Chippewa County, Wisconsin

The Bridges of Dunn County, Wisconsin

The Bridges of Booneville, New York

The Bridges of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, including railroad trestle

The Bridges of New Ulm, Minnesota

The Bridges of FW Kent Park in Iowa City, including Quiz and Answers

The Bridges of Fayette County, Iowa

The Bridges of Tompkins County, New York

The Bridges of Washington County, Maryland

The Bridges of Gallatin County, Montana

The Historic Bridges of Duluth, Minnesota

The Bridges of Bridgeport/Frankenmuth, Michigan

The Covered Bridges of Oregon

The Bridges of Jennings County, Indiana

The Covered Bridges of Lehigh Valley

San Antonio Bridge Walk & Tour

The Bridges of Roanoke, Virginia

The Bridges of Osgood, Indiana

The Covered Bridges of Southern Vermont

The Bridges of Connersville, Indiana

The Bridges of Valley City, North Dakota

The Historic Bridges of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Historic Bridges of the Hudson River Valley, New York

The Bridges of New York City

The Historic Bridges of Harford County, Maryland

The Bridges of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Historic Bridges of Wayland, Massachusetts

The Bridges of Frederik County, Maryland

The Covered Bridges of Virginia

The Bridges of Jefferson Proving Ground, Indiana

The Bridges of Preble County, Ohio

The Bridges of Union County, Ohio

The Historic Bridges of Westchester County, New York

The Bridges of Frankfort, Kentucky

The Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio

The Most Notable Bridges of Osbourn County, Kansas (g)

The Bridges of Minneapolis (g)- Five-part series

The Covered Bridges of Somerset County, Pennsylvania (g)

Stone Arch Bridges of Cowley County, Kansas (g)

Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County, Kansas (g)

S-Bridges along the National Road (many part series)

The Bridges of Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Bridges of Newburyport, Connecticut

The Bridges of Racine, Wisconsin (film & tour guide)

The Bridges of Yellowstone National Park (history and tour guide)


The Bridges of Cleveland, Ohio

The Baltimore & Ohio Cuyahoga River Trio

The Bridges of Cleveland, Ohio


The Bridges of Pittsburgh

PGH Bridges- The Bridges of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County



Transportation Heritage Quiz Part 1

Transportation Heritage Quiz Part 2: Historic Bridges

Iowa City/Corralville (g)


Youngstown, Ohio

Tour Guide

Cascade Run Bridge (g)

Center Street Bridge (g)

Parapet Bridge (g)


Bridge Tour Guides (Germany)


Baltic-North Sea Canal including the Rendsburg High Bridge and Loop Trestle

Alt Eider Canal


Flensburg, including Bahnhofsbruecke and Angelmunde Bike Shop Bridge

Lindaunis/Schlei Drawbridge (with a history of the original crossing at Taterpfahl)



River Trave

Lauenburg (Coming Soon)


Lower Saxony:


Dömitz Railroad Bridge


Mecklenburg-Pommerania (D: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV))

The Bridges of Schwerin



Quiz on Borders and Bridges  and Answer key

Berlin Wall Crossings

Checkpoint Bravo (Dreilinden)



Erfurt: Preview, Outskirts, Inner CityKraemerbruecke (Merchant’s Bridge) The Mystery Bridge at the Small Waterfall, Book on the City’s Bridges , website of the organization, and the Interview with the Authors

Weimar (Coming Soon)

Jena (Coming Soon)

Gera (Coming Soon)



Zwickau (Saxony)

Glauchau (Saxony)

Aue .

Schneeberg: Zschorlau , the Stone Arch Bridge at Schlema Station and  Bad Schlema




Grimma (Saxony)

Meissen (Saxony)

Werdau (Coming Soon)




Rabenauer Grund


Leipzig (Coming Soon)

Chemnitz (Coming soon)





Halle (Saale) including Hafenbahn Bridge


Zeitz including the Draschwitz and Moritzburg Bridges


Rhineland- Palatinate

Coblence and Neuwied (In connection with the 2011 BUGA)



Bayerische Vogtland Region:

The Bridges of Hof (Saale)

Sparnberg Bridge

Selbitz Bridge near Blankenstein (Thuringia)

Rudolphstein Viaduct (Motorway A9)

Koditz Viaduct (Viaduct Motorway A72)

Harra Truss Bridge

Brückenrastätte A9 bei Rudolphstein

Hirschberg Bridge


The Bridges along the Pegnitzal Railway between Bayreuth and Nuremberg

Nuremberg (Coming Soon)

Bayreuth (Coming Soon)

Bamberg (Coming Soon)


North Rhine-Westphalia

Cologne and Rhine River






Bridge Tour Guides (Europe and beyond)

The Bridges of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Bridges of Manchester, UK

The Bridges of Calgary, Canada

The Bridges of Newcastle and along the River Tyne

The Bridges of Paris, France

The Bridges of York, UK

The Bridges of Bilbao, Spain

The Bridges of British Columbia

The Bridges of Florence, Italy

The Bridges of Venice, Italy

The Bridges of Budapest

The Bridges of Prague

The Bridges of Cork, Ireland

The Bridges of London (UK)

The Bridges of Niagara Falls (Canada and US)

The Bridges of Outlook, Saskatchewan (Canada)

The Bridges of Belturbet, Ireland

The Bridges of Singapore:  Tripzilla’s Top 10,…Singapore River Cruises,…12 Quirkiest Bridges

The Bridges of Warwickshire District (UK)

The Bridges of Melbourne, Australia

The Historic Trestles of Gundagai, Australia

The Historic (Medieval) Bridges of Durham, England (UK)

The Bridges of Winnipeg, Canada

The Bridges of Budapest, Hungary

The (Covered) Bridges of Taishun County, China

The Braided Bridges of Peru (g)

The Bridges of Madrid, Spain (g)

The Bridges of Stockholm, Sweden (g)

The Bridges of Pearl River in China (g)

The Bridges of Kennet & Avon Canals (g)

The Bridges of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Firth of Forth Bridges in the UK (g)



The Bridges of Vienna



The Covered Bridges of Quebec



Lost Bridges (US)

The (lost) truss bridges of Des Moines


Lost Bridges (Europe and elsewhere)



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