2022 Bridgehunter Awards: Voting Underway

Photo by Geoff Duke on Pexels.com

FINALLY! After several weeks that featured delays due to illness and other non-bridge related commitments, voting is officially underway for this year’s Bridgehunter Awards by the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles. Between now and January 21st at 4:59 pm Chicago time, 11:59pm Berlin Time, you have an opportunity to vote for your favorite bridges in eleven categories. The voting platform that is being used this year is StrawPoll, which allows for an opportunity to view the photos of each of the bridge candidates. Information on the candidates can be found also in the link. In the categories of Bridge of the Year and Lifetime Achievement, there is a summary for each of the bridge candidate.

So without further ado, here is your voting ballot. Good luck with the voting and let me know if there are any questions, etc. 🙂


Bridge Tour Guide USA



Bridge Tour Guide International



Best Bridge Media/Genre/Book



Lifetime Achievement



Endangered T.R.U.S.S.



Best Example of a Restored Historic Bridge



War Time Bridge



Bridge of the Year



Best Bridge Photo



Best Kept Secret Individual Bridge



Mystery Bridge




The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023. Check out sister column The Flensburg Files, as it is doing a Christmas Calendar series. Click here to follow. 🙂


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Mystery Bridge Nr. 184: The Bridges of Minsk

One of the late entries of the 2022 Bridgehunter Awards in the category of Mystery Bridge has to do with the bridges of Minsk in Belarus. Natallia Tsahelnik, who runs an Instagram page entitled “These Are Bridges” has nominated the structures for this category for even though one may look at the bridges as plain and bland, looking underneath them, one will find some unique designs in the column. In a statement she sent to the Chronicles:

“Here’s the thing about the majority of bridges in this country: due to the terrain specifics (flat, some hills, mostly flatlands and lowlands), due to the emphasis on economy and efficiency with little thought about elegance (hence the preference for concrete and beams, my guess), and probably due to something else I’m not aware of (as I’m not a specialist in bridge design), many road bridges and plenty of river bridges may seem dull and monosyllabic when you cross them or take a look at them from the road level. However, the beauty hides down the deck in the design of piers and supports. Here is where the pattern, the idea, simple elegance, and all the laconic details can be seen.”

It is unknown who was behind the design and construction of the bridges in and around Minsk, but judging by their appearance, they may have been built between 30 and 40 years ago and the engineer(s) behind these bridges must have been an artist that wanted to be known for his work in a unique way, but when crossing them or going underneath the bridges, they are often ignored because the structures are simply boring. This was one of the main reasons she started the page as she quoted:

“I’ve started this project @these.are.bridges because I’ve been fascinated by bridges for a while now. But I also wanted to show that there’s beauty in conventional designs; a bridge doesn’t necessarily have to be an old arch masterpiece, a cool cantilever, truss, or suspension bridge, or a fantastic multilevel intersection. Sometimes you need to take a look under it to notice its beauty”

Have a look at the pics and see what you think of them. Are these arguments justified and why would a bridge designer focus simply on the piers as a work of art? Feel free to comment.

A couple of these pics are in the running for Best Bridge Photo. The ballots are currently being put together and we hope to have them ready by this weekend for you to vote. This year has been exceptionally busy for this author for many reasons. Thank you for your patience.


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