BHC Pic of the Week Gallery


Established in April 2018, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles’ Pic of the Week features the crème de la crème in terms of photos taken by the author, Jason Smith. While many of the bridge pics go years back, other pics are also taken in the present; some of which are tied together with the current events. In either case, the pics are on display for those who like photography, are interested in bridge photography or even want some inspiration to improve on their photos. The Pic of the week photos are always posted once a week in the Chronicles. If you have some bridges that you would recommend the author photographing, contact Jason Smith at the Chronicles, using the contact information in the About page.

Bridge photos featured (in chronological order beginning with the first pic posting in April 2018):

Pic 1: Castle and Bridge in Rodewisch (Saxony), Germany

Pic 2: Zellstoff Bridge in Zwickau (Saxony), Germany

Pic 3: Bockau Arch Bridge (as part of the series on the Bridge)

Pic 4: Paradiesbrücke in Zwickau (Saxony), Germany

Pic 5: Hirschgrundbrücke in Glauchau (Saxony), Germany before its demolition

Pic 6: Wabasha Bridge in Minnesota (taken in 2010)

Pic 7: Alte Elsterbrücke in Plauen (Saxony), Germany

Pic 8: Strassberg Viaduct

Pic 9: Cedar Rapids UP Railroad Bridge (photo in 2010)

Pic 10: Ariel Lift Bridge in Duluth

Pic 11: Rochsburg Suspension Bridge (old and new)

Pic 12: Mackinac Bridge

Pic 13: Rainbow Arch Bridge at Niagara Falls

Pic 14: Whirlpool Rapids Bridges at Niagara Falls

Pic 15: Kingston Bridge at Niagara Falls

Pic 16: Bronner’s Bridge in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Pic 17: Scherberg Bridge in Glauchau (Saxony), Germany

Pic 18: Zimmer Covered Bridge in Glauchau (Saxony), Germany

Pic 19: Broadway Avenue Bridge in St. Peter, Minnesota: Before and after the Rehab

Pic 20: Waldheim Viaduct

Pic 21: J-P Border Bridge at Potucky, Czech Republic

Pic 22: S-bahn Danube River Crossing in Vienna, Austria

Pic 23: Mystery Bridge Nr. 106 in Zwickau (Saxony)

Pic 24: Willisch Railroad Bridge

Pic 25: Covered Bridge at Hennersdorf (Saxony)

Pic 26: Steinpleis Viaduct between Zwickau and Werdau

Pic 27: The Wave south of Glauchau (Saxony)

Pic 28: Kern Bowstring Arch Bridge near Mankato, Minnesota

Pic 29: Waddell Through Truss Bridge in Chemnitz, Saxony

Pic 30: Meissen Railroad Bridge

Pic 31: Paradiesbrücke in Zwickau after the Blizzard

Pic 32: Stone Arch Railroad Viaduct in Schwarzenberg

Pic 33: Lundy Bridge in Winneshiek County, Iowa (photo in 2007)

Pic 34: Gateway Trail Bridge near Stillwater, Minnesota (photo in 2010)

Pic 35: Iron Bridge in Aue (Saxony), Germany before the Spring thaw

Pic 36: Fort Dusquene Bridge in Pittsburgh (dedicated to the Pittsburgh Dad)

Pic 37: Loschwitz Cantilever Truss Bridge (Blue Miracle- Blaue Wunder) in Dresden

Pic 38: Sachsenring Raceways in Hohenstein-Ernstthal

Pic 39: Röhrensteg in Zwickau (Saxony)

Pic 40: Little Church Bowstring Arch Bridge in Winneshiek County, Iowa (photo in 2007)

Pic 41: Arch Bridge in Schlunzig

Pic 42: Schlunzig Cable-Stayed and Beam Bridges

Pic 43: Stauffenberg Viaduct in Dresden

Pic 44: Waldschlosschen Bridge in Dresden

Pic 45: Schiller Bridge in Aue (Saxony) at night

Pic 46: Skunk River Truss Bridge in Ames, Iowa (photo in 2011)

Pic 47: The Arch Bridge at Flossplatz

Pic 48: Alsenberg Dam and Bridge in Hof (Bavaria)

Pic 49: Haara Truss Bridge near Bad Blankenhain (Thuringia)

Pic 50: Rudolphstein Viaduct

Pic 51: Unterkotzkau Viaduct near Hof (Bavaria)

Pic 52: Alte Burgauer Brücke in Jena (Thuringia)

Pic 53: Dump Road Bridge in Spencer, Iowa (photo in 2011)

Pic 54: Eldorado Bridge in Iowa (photo in 2011)

Pic 55: Kniebreche Viaduct near Zölbitz

Pic 56: Winona Truss Bridge (photo in 2010)

Pic 57: Pöhl Viaduct in Vogtland Region

Pic 58: Friesenthal Viaduct near Plauen

Pic 59: Two Abandoned Truss Spans in Pittsburgh

Pic 60: Mittweida Railroad Viaduct

Pic 61: Filzwerk Truss Bridge in Hof (Bayern)

Pic 62: Pirk Viaduct near Plauen

Pic 63: Ellsworth Ranch Bridge near Estherville, Iowa

Pic 64: Rieth Bridge in Erfurt (now dismantled and in storage)

Pic 65: Piney Fork Bridge near Dillonville, Ohio

Pic 66: Sigmund Jähn’s Bridge  (tribute included)

Pic 67: Kunitz Covered Bridge near Jena

Pic 68: Schlunzig Cable-Stayed Bridge under construction

Pic 69: Glienicker Bridge at the former East-West Berlin Border in Potsdam

Pic 70: Rochsburg Suspension Bridge- Fall Shot

Pic 71: Könneritz Bridge in Leipzig

Pic 72: Chemnitz Viaduct in Winter

Pic 73: Luten arch bridge in Meissen, Germany

Pic 74: Paradiesbrücke in Zwickau in the fog

Pic 75: Boom Island Railroad Bridge in Minneapolis, MN- now a bike trail

Pic 76: Green Valley Bridge near Marshall, MN (now extant)

Pic 77: Eisenhower Bridge near Milton, Iowa

Pic 78: Bettendorf Suspension Bridge

Pic 79: Schafteich Railroad Bridge in Glauchau

Pic 80: Steinpleiss Viaduct near Werdau

Pic 81: Augustus Bridge in Dresden

Pic 82: Chancy Bridge near Geneva (CH)

Pic 83: Baroque-style Skyway between the Cathedral and the Castle in Dresden

Pic 84: Baroque-style Skyway near the Frauenkirche in Dresden

Pic 85: Kirby Flynn Bridge near Emmetsburg, Iowa

Pic 86: Thunder Bridge in Spencer, Iowa

Pic 87: Moltke Bridge in Berlin

Pic 88: Viaduct in Paris

Pic 89: Arch Bridge at Schlossteich in Wildenfels (Saxony)

Pic 90: Grundelteich Bridge at the Park in Glauchau (Saxony)- Covid 19 shot

Pic 91: Truss Bridge at the Kossuth/Humboldt Co. border in Iowa- now extant

Pic 92: Pont de Vessy in Geneva, Switzerland

Pic 93: Hirschgrund Bridge at Castle Complex in Glauchau (Saxony)- restored version

Pic 94: Schonemann Park Waddell Bridge south of Luverne, Minnesota

Pic 95: Shakopee Bridge in Minnesota

Pic 96: Henry Bridge in Winneshiek County, Iowa- includes quiz

Pic 97: Carl Alexander Bridge in Dornburg (north of Jena), Thuringia

Pic 98: Long Meadow Bridge in Bloomington, MN


Author’s No Comment:

In addition to the Pics of the week, we have the Author’s No Comment series. There some pics, signs and other postings can be found here, those that have heads shaking and scratching. Most of these here are in connection with the current events, tying them in with bridges.

No Comment Nr. 1: Bridge Washed Out and Liberties