Biggest Bonehead Story: The Rush to Tear Down a Bridge- Without Thinking


The title should have been Saving the Bockau Arch Bridge Day 12, yet there is one problem: We lost our fight to save it. As of this date, the stone arch bridge is starting to come down, one by one. Even the cold and the large amounts of snow is not stopping the Saxony Ministry of Transport (LASUV) from getting the demo-diggers to go out there and eat away at the bridge.

But there is one exception: They are eating the wrong way!

Since the end of the summer, the northern end of the bridge where Albernau is located, let alone the Rechenhaus Restaurant, has been completely blocked off by the new bridge, for it was built 2-3 meters higher than the original roadbed of the bridge. This meant that the only way onto the bridge was on the south side where Bockau is located.


Digger on this side eating up the first arch with the new bridge in the background.

And this is where the demolition has begun. A head-scratcher. If LASUV was obsessed with tearing down the Bockau Arch Bridge, would it not make sense to start on the northern side and then work their way toward the Bockau side? With a digger like this, the old bridge would still hold it. Otherwise if one easts the wrong end, it would be impossible to tear down the rest.  More ironic is the concrete bed that has been sitting in the waters of the Zwickau Mulde. It was meant to have cranes and other demolition equipment to tear the rest of the bridge down . Yet, the digger was the only one at the scene……


….tearing down the wrong side and not being able to tear down the entire bridge. The logical question is, why? Neither the journalist nor anybody else, who looked at the bridge, will understand.

To be continued…..