BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 33

This Pic of the Week takes us back to December 2007. Bridgehunting with my wife, we visited the bridge-laden Winneshiek County, photographing the finest historic bridges, including pair of long bowstring arch bridges, a couple arch bridges and several truss bridges…..

Like this one, for example.

The Lundy Bridge is a combination of Warren pony and a Pratt through truss spans, both with riveted connections. The through truss has an M-frame portal bracing. The bridge was built at the turn of the century even though there is no confirmed date as to when it was constructed. The bridge builder was Wickes Engineering of Des Moines.  The bridge still spans the Upper Iowa River at the road bearing the bridge’s name.

This pic was taken shortly before our Christmas gathering with my family. It was an emotional time after having lost my grandma, who, like me, was an avid supporter of historic buildings and bridges. She in fact had a historic bridge like this in her back yard. 😉

But at our stop at this bridge, the scene was rather majestic. The bridge was surrounded by a landscape covered with snow, and all was quiet. My wife caught this one of the bridge with yours truly standing next to the trusses, leaning on them, and well in thought.

Which leads to this question: What was I thinking about? 🙂