BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 175

Photo by Loretta Coty

Our 175th Pic of the Week takes us to Presque Isle in Aroostook County, Maine and this winter scenery as photographed by Loretta Coty. The photo was taken after a snowstorm and all a person can see apart from several shades of blue and white is the railroad arch bridge in the background. A beautiful scenery and one that serves as a clear signal that we still have a lot of winter left.

As for the arch bridge, according to, the railroad bridge features a one-span closed spandrel concrete arch bridge, built for the Aroostook Railroad and Interurban railroad over a century ago. The line has been abandoned for many years and the stretch, including the bridge is now a biking/hiking trail. A beautiful bridge in a winter setting with a little history that is screaming for some research.

This is Mystery Bridge Nr. 164 as well. If you have any information on when it was built and by whom, feel free to contact Jason Smith at the Chronicles, using the contact details here. Happy Bridgehunting, folks! 🙂