Bridges of Ljubljana

Bridges of Ljubljana

Traces of Places

The Triple Bridge(above) is a group of three bridges in Slovenia, connecting Ljubljana’s medieval town on one bank with the modern city on the other. Originally a single stone arch bridge dating from 1842, the architect Jože Plečnik, in 1929, designed an extension. This consisted of two foot-bridges on either side, at slight angles to the original, in order to prevent it from becoming a bottleneck.

The Cobbler’s Bridge(below, at night), also designed byPlečnik, is decorated by two kinds of pillars: Corinthian(delineating the bridge’s shape) and Ionic(as the lamp-bearers).

The Butcher’s Bridge(below), also planned by Plečnik in the 1930s but not constructed until 2010 (due to the outbreak of WWII), is the last remaining piece of his master plan. Its modern glass and metal structure adds a new twist to Ljubljana’s fantastic bridge collection. The main sculptures on the bridge represent figures from the Old Testament and…

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