Bridge of Secrets — Travel Writers Fall2021

I spent my childhood landlocked in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a girl who loves the water, I was often restless, longing to be around water. Perhaps it is my parents’ fault for enrolling me in swim lessons at three-years-old and forcing me to continue competitive swimming throughout elementary school. I was a child of the water. […]

Bridge of Secrets — Travel Writers Fall2021

Uniformity — Old Structures Engineering

The spidery-thin bridge structures I’ve highlighted here have mostly been trusses of various types. Here’s a spidery suspension bridge: not only are the cables thin (it’s a shortish span) but so are the stiffening truss members and, notably, the truss-work towers. It’s the old bridge over the Little Colorado River at Cameron, Arizona. Unfortunately, HAER […]

Uniformity — Old Structures Engineering