BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 174

Photos by Kathleen Capitanio Herde


Winter can have its beautiful sides, especially when it comes to historic bridges and other architectural wonders. And this week’s Pic of the Week is one of them. It was photographed by Kathleen Herde and it’s that of the Croton Dam and Bridge in Westchester County, New York. It’s located at the Croton Reservoir Outlet. The scene was taken after a major snowstorm that had blanketed up to a foot in many parts of the eastern United States. And even if we have to shovel ourselves and others out, we also must not forget that winter weather is the time for taking a look at beauty and simply being in awe of it.

And as far as the bridge is concerned, it’s a steel deck arch bridge with open spandrels. It was built by the Baltimore Bridge Company in 1904, but was rebuilt again in 1976 and again in 2005, all in the original form. The walkway crossing provides visitors with an impressive view of the Outlet and the Reservoir, regardless of which time of year it is. Information is available here.



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Tribute to Toshirou Okamoto Part 4: Komagata-bashi Bridge

Part four in the Tribute to Toshirou Okamoto:


The Komagata-bashi Bridge (Komagataba) is a bridge over the Sumida-gawa River that was completed
in 1927 (1927) and runs through Tokyo Metropolitan Road No. 463, the Ueno-Tsukishima Line (Asakusa
Street). The name of the bridge was derived from “Komagatado” at the west end of the bridge.


The present bridge was first built according to the reconstruction plan after the Great Kanto Earthquake.
It was where “Komagata no Watashi” used to be. “Watashi” was a wharf that was being sailed over when
there was no bridge over the river. It was one of the important evacuation routes in the Great Tokyo Air
Raid in WW II .

Structural Details:

•structural form
Center span: Intermediate solid ribbed arch bridge
side span: an overhead solid rib arch bridge

•Length of bridge: 149.6 m
•Width 22.0 m
•Construction started in July 1924 .
•Completed: June 25 1927 
•Main contractor: Tokyo City Reconstruction Bureau
•Bridge design Ryosuke Iwakiri
•Bridge girder production train manufacturing

The source is wikipedia, translated into English from Japanese with some additional information. Photos taken during the Sumida River tours


Photo by Pixabay on In Memory of Toshirou Okamoto