BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 120

Photo taken by Cathy Pochert

I decided to step aside with my bridge pics for this one and honor a pair of people in this Pic of the Week: The first is to Cathy Pochert for photographing the Daniel Webster Hoan Bridge, a through arch structure that was built in 1974 and spans the Milwaukee River, carrying Interstate Highway 794. This night photo was taken in the moonlight and shows its American colors shining on the river.

The second was the reason why the bridge was lit like it was. On Saturday the 7th of November, 2020, Joe Biden won the US Presidential Elections, five days after the Elections took place. Voter counting took exceptionally longer than expected as most Americans decided to vote by mail this year because of the Corona Virus. Some even voted by mail prior to their deaths. But the bottom line is that America has spoken. The people were unhappy with four years of Donald Trump and his neglect of the American Democracy, its infrastructure in general and the “Me-mentality” which was the signature of the Trump administration.

It was clearly time to move on and with the official result of Pennsylvania going to the blue, it was a cry of joy and relief for the American people, both at home as well as abroad. Even my family was with me when I heard the news of Biden’s victory and we celebrated with tears of joy. For that, we would like to congratulate you, as much as many in the Civil Engineering, Bridgehunting, and History circles. You, Kamala Harris and whoever else you want to hire for tackling the issues we face, have our fullest support and wish you best of luck. ❤

And for those who supported Trump the last four years, I was asked by some of you to give the President a chance. I did. Yet it was time for change and I voted for change when I voted for Biden via mail-in voting. I understand your reasons for supporting Trump, but now, the game is over and it’s time to move on.

I am now asking you to return this favor:

Give Biden a chance.

He will do a lot for America, its allies and the rest of the world. He will help straighten the economy, eradicate the Corona epidemic and help the environment as we try to stop climate change.

If you do, you will thank me for it, even four years from now. ❤