Edmonton’s Bridges in Blue, Green, and Brown — Those Pictures She Took

I’ve always been fascinated by bridges. At first it was the feeling of watching the water flow dangerously close or far below my feet. Then, as my eye became drawn more and more to architecture and construction, I became obsessed with searching out different bridges all across the world to photograph them! And while I’ve […]

Edmonton’s Bridges in Blue, Green, and Brown — Those Pictures She Took

Mystery Bridge Nr. 143: Major Crossing in Poland before WW II

Photo courtesy of Carl Bromwich

The 143rd Mystery Bridge requires some help on the part of one of the pontists. Carl Bromwich is looking for information pertaining to this crossing in the picture. The bridge appears to be a Schwedler or Parker through truss with welded connections and an arch-shaped portal bracing. Judging by the oncomimg passenger train, this bridge was indeed a railroad crossing. The photo of the bridge was taken in the 1930s, prior to the German invasion of Poland on 1 September, 1939, which subsequentially triggered the declaration of war by France and Great Britain and the start of World War II. A Polish website shows the structure being a five-span through truss bridge in the southeastern part of the country (Click here).

As far as the persons in the photo are concerned, according to Bromwich, it is of that of his father, Kazik Bokowiec, who is seen on the left and was wearing his Polish army uniform at the time of the photo. According to Bromwich, he later became a pilot joining the new Polish Air Force that was established but upon the invasion, had escaped through Africa and onto France. Eventually, he joined the Royal Airforce in Britain, who were searching for new pilots and where he joined one of the Polish squadrons.

What Mr. Bromwich would like to know where this photo was taken and what information is there on the railroad truss bridge, namely: name of the bridge, its history and whether or not it’s still in service….

Any information would be much appreciated. Please send the info to Jason Smith at the Chronicles, using the contact information. From there, it will be forwarded onto Mr. Bromwich. Additional info will also be included here through separate articles following up on the bridge.

Mr.Bromwich and the Chronicles thank you for your support in finding some information on the bridge……