BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 119

After touring the northern part of Germany, this week’s Pic of the week takes us home to Glauchau and to the present time. Fall is in the air, and despite the Corona Lockdown, which is in effect for a full month, nothing can stop a good walk in the woods and enjoy the fall foliage, as you can see in the photos taken at Grundel Pond (Grundelteich) and its lone access to the island, a wooden bridge which provides for a reflective shot with a beautiful, colorful background.  No words can describe the two shots taken by the author, except this word:

Beautiful! ❤

Enjoy the pics and stay safe.

Some readers are wondering how we are holding out in Germany due to the Corona Virus and the new lockdowns. Have a look at a pair of links and you should have the questions answered.

The Last Day before Lockdown:

New Lockdown Measures:

No Christmas Markets this Year:

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