The Bridges of Magdeburg, Germany

TYB: As part of the Chronicles’ 10th Anniversary special, we’re going back to March 2011. There, we have our very first bridge tour guide of the bridges of Magdeburg in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. The tour guide was updated to include more photos and more current info on each of the city’s bridges. Enjoy! ❤

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

Magdeburg! It’s fantastic! The Chronicles’ first European bridge profile takes us to the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, approximately 150 kilometers west of the German capital of Berlin, and with a population of approximately 340,000 inhabitants, Magdeburg is the third largest city along the Elbe River behind Dresden (517,300) and Hamburg (1.7 million). Founded by Charlemagne in 805, the city has many places of interest spanning over 1200 years that still exist today, including the Magdeburg Cathedral and as many as 17 klosters, many of which came from the age of the Holy Roman Empire, when Otto I ruled the empire (and is buried in the city at the Cathedral), as well as the Baroque Period.

Silhoutte of the four-towers of the Magdeburg Cathedral

While most of Magdeburg was destroyed in World War II, the Soviets reconstructed the city using Stalinist style buildings which are still in use today and are in…

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Fehmarn Belt Tunnel to be Built


East of the Fehmarn Bridge. At this spot is where a new bridge would be built but at the expense of the nearby shipping dock and a road going to Strutkamp

German Federal Court rules in favor of multi-billion Euro project; Construction may begin.

LEIPZIG/ FEHMARN/ FLENSBURG- It’s supposed to be the longest tunnel in Europe, at 18 kilometers (11.3 miles), carrying train and vehicular traffic. Instead of bottlenecks going through Fehmarn Island and a 45-minute ferry ride between Puttgarden and Rodby, the trip would be 10 minutes. The time from Hamburg to Copenhagen reduced from five hours to only three.  Yet the project has been an eyesore and a platform for hefty debates for over a decade between those favoring the project and those opposing it. Their arguments: noise pollution due to a high increase in traffic, irreversal damage to the reefs in the Belt region between the Danish…

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