The Bridges of Aue (Saxony), Germany

In connection with a recent interview with a local newspaper about the bridges in the Erzgebirge, this tourguide has been updated to include information and bridge photos, most of which can be found via Google Map. The text has been updated as well. As mentioned here, the tour guide is the first of many parts on the bridges in the mountain region in western Saxony, yet it is also the first of its kind to use new apps other than what has been profiled in article form to date. This includes Google Map where you can click onto the bridge and view the photos taken. In any case, enjoy the new version of the tour guide on Aue’s historic bridges.

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles


Sometimes experiments are needed in order to find out how to effectively reach your audience. It can be with the use of print media, such as newspaper articles, leaflets, broschures and the like. But it can also mean the use of various forms of technology, such as the internet and social networking. Aside from wordpress, which powers the Chronicles both as an original as well as the areavoices version, people have used facebook and pininterest to post their pics of their favorite bridges. Yet most of these have been individual bridges and not that of a tour guide, like the Chronicles has been posting since its launch in 2010.

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles has just started using  Instagram recently, and I had a chance to experiment with putting a tour guide together, using the app , during my most recent visit to the city of Aue in western Saxony.


Located 25…

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