2013 Ammann Awards: Voting Underway

Sternbrücke Elbe Crossing in Magdeburg, Germany- Photo taken in February 2011



Due to record entries, deadline extended to January 3rd with winners announced on January 7th

After tallying the entries for seven categories for this year’s 2013 Othmar H. Ammann Awards, voting officially commenced yesterday with the ballots being made available on James Baughn’s Bridgehunter Website. This is followed by the ballot being made available here through the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, where you need to click on the words The Bridgehunter Ammann Awards, then again under attachment and you’ll have a ballot in PDF format.

Some changes to the format of the voting is as follows: 1. We had a record number of entries for this year’s awards, both for photos, as well as mystery bridges and best kept secret places. This is a very good sign, for the interest in historic bridges, both in the United States and Canada as well as in Europe is extremely high. We even have a record number of entries on the international scale where most of them originate from Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, as well as in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many thanks to those who submitted their entries and may the best candidate win, both in the US as well as elsewhere.

With this high number of entries, this means more time to read more about the candidates before voting. Therefore before voting, click on the links and read about them before voting. In exchange, ther deadline has been pushed back a couple weeks to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can. Instead of December 23rd, the deadline to submit all completed ballots is January 3rd. They will then be tallied, with the winners being announced on January 7th.  One might consider this the Bridge Bowl, like in all the college football bowl games that occur in January, like the Rose Bowl or the Sugar Bowl, but for courtesy sake, shotgun voting is not the best preferred option with all the nominations out there. 😉

The ballots are both in English as well as in German, yet if there are any questions or other concerns before voting, please feel free to contact Jason D. Smith at the Chronicles, using the e-mail info in the ballot. The Chronicles would like to wish all of you happy voting as well as a joyous holiday season. Looking forward to your voting results.

Click below for the ballot:

The Bridgehunter Ammann Awards

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