2016 Ammann Awards Ballot Part I

Route 66 Gasconade Bridge in Missouri. Photo taken by Roamin Rich

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Information on these bridges are available via links:

Long Meadow Bridge (MN): http://thebridgehunter.areavoices.com/2016/10/28/long-meadow-bridge-open-to-bike-traffic/

Green Bridge in Des Moines (IA): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1826891580920201&type=3

Houck Iron Bridge in Putnam Co. (IA): https://blog.jimgrey.net/2014/09/26/restored-and-repurposed-the-houck-iron-bridge/

Fort Morgan Rainbow Bridge (CO): http://www.fortmorgantimes.com/fort-morgan-local-news/ci_30393446/city-earns-award-rainbow-bridge-rehab-project

Wagon Bridge in Hemphill Co. (TX): http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/08/prweb13632078.htm

Bird Island Bridge in Chicago: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/news/ct-sta-division-street-bridge-st-0807-20160805-story.html

Molly’s and Rogers Landings US 66 Bridges (OK): http://www.route66news.com/2011/10/12/mollys-landing-saves-part-of-old-route-66-bridge/

Harahan Bridge in Memphis (TN): http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2016/09/27/video-tour-the-mississippis-new-big-river-crossing.html

Beaverkill Covered Bridge in Sullivan Co. (NY): http://cdn.equipmentworld.com/painstaking-restoration-of-historic-covered-bridge-in-the-catskills-nears-completion/

Wolf Road Bridge near Cleveland (OH): http://bridgehunter.com/oh/cuyahoga/bh49083/

Hamilton Co. Park Bridge (IN): http://cdn.equipmentworld.com/indiana-festival-celebrates-three-historic-bridges-joined-together-to-form-one/

Maple and Lafayette Bridges in Fayetteville, AK: https://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2016/12/05/city-to-celebrate-re-opening-of-historic-maple-and-lafayette-bridges/

Dodd Ford Bridge near Mankato, MN: http://mankatotimes.com/2016/06/30/ribbon-cutting-for-historic-dodd-ford-bridge-set-for-july-5th/

Eau Claire Railroad Viaduct (WI): http://bridgehunter.com/wi/eau-claire/bh36335/


 BACH STEEL: Nels Raynor, Derek Pung, Lee Pung, Andy Hufnagle, Brock Raynor and Nathan Holth- Several Bridges saved through in-kind restoration (restoring to its original form, including Farm Lane, Paper Mill and Martin Road, as well as their newest project: Springfield Bowstring Arch.

Christopher Marston: Chris has been working for Historic American Engineer’s Record for almost 30 years, documenting and collaborating successfully to preserve many historic bridges. Interview here: http://thebridgehunter.areavoices.com/2016/10/06/an-interview-with-christopher-marston-of-habs-haer/

Nick Schmiedeler: It unknown how many years he has been a pontist, but Nick has found more abandoned “Elvis” bridges than a typical pontist in his/her lifetime. Record of his findings here: http://bridgehunter.com/profile/Nick_Schmiedeler

Royce and Bobette Haley: Known as Bridge Road Warriors, this couple has found and photographed more bridges in a span of two years than anyone in his/her lifetime. More on their work here: http://bridgehunter.com/profile/roycehaleyIII

John Marvig: Before 2010, no one really dared to photograph railroad bridges, that is until John arrived. Since then, 10 states and thousands of bridges profiled and photographed as can be seen here: http://johnmarvigbridges.org/

Kaitlin O’shea: For over a decade, she has been running the website Preservation in Pink, providing some interesting educational aspects to historic preservation, including bridges. And this over a good coffee and company with the flamingo: http://thebridgehunter.areavoices.com/2016/12/02/interview-with-kaitlin-oshea-preservation-in-pink/

Ian Heigh: For many years, this engineer has been responsible for maintaining the Scottish National Railway and especially the longest bridges in the country: Firth of Forth and Firth of Tay. More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_vZjvTuSJw


Before voting, check out the information on the bridges being voted by clicking here. If any problems, please type in Mystery Bridge. The following candidates are numbered from 62 to 76. Two votes for the US and two for the international versions are allotted here.




Linz Railroad Bridge to be Demolished

The Railway Bridge at night but in black and white. Photo courtesy of Madeleine Schneider
The Railway Bridge at night but in black and white. Photo courtesy of Madeleine Schneider

69% of the voters want a new bridge. Demolition and replacement to commence soon.

LINZ, AUSTRIA- The elections in Linz and the region of Upper Austria brought a lot of surprises as far as results are concerned, with the Austrian Volkspartei and the Free Democrats taking the first two places and the political mentality shifting right. The mentality of the citizens of Linz seems to in the right as well, as the majority of the population voted to say good-bye to the old lady over the Danube River today.

After nearly two years of campaigning for and against a new bridge, 68.1% of the population voted in favor of demolishing the three-span curved Whipple through truss bridge, which had been serving traffic for over a century. Already, Linz’s mayor Klaus Luger had already started planning for a new crossing, whose construction is scheduled to begin sometime next year and is expected to last 2-3 years. The new crossing will be a three-span tied-arch bridge with Warren truss features, providing six lanes of traffic including rail and bike lanes. The question was whether a two-bridge solution would be realistic in financial terms. Today’s vote sent a clear message, favoring Luger’s campaign to remove the old structure and put his prized work in its new place.

However, the bridge, which had its Historic Significance status removed by the Austrian Heritage Office last year, may have an afterlife, for plans are in the making to convert the center span into a floating park, resting on pontoons and located adjacent to the new bridge. Whether this plan of salvaging one of the three spans will bear fruit depends on the amount of money and support available. Yet the plan will be similar to the proposal to convert the truss spans of the eastern half of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge into passive housing. The 1936 bridge has been replaced with a cable-stayed span and is being dismantled for that purpose.

Still after years of effort, it appears that the majority would like to see the bridge go, as it has lived its useful life. And while the group and other preservationists are still asking why, they can be given credit for getting the message out there, and receiving as much support despite fighting a battle that is now lost.  One can hope that a small part of history can be saved and reused as a marker indicating how important the bridge was to the history of Linz as well as civil engineering.

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2014 Ammann Awards: Voting Now Underway

Split Rock Bridge in Pipestone County, MN Photo taken by Sebsatian Renfield

And now the moment of truth: Who will win the 2014 Ammann Awards in their respective categories?

Voting is now underway after taking in a substantial number of candidates on both the national and international levels and constructing a new voting platform that will make voting much easier than in the past.  Using the voting platform Poll Daddy, provided by Forum Communications and its subsidiary and cousin of the Chronicles, The Grand Forks Herald, you will have an opportunity to not only vote on the candidates you think deserve the awards (there are no limitations and your votes will be annonymous), but also keep track of the number of votes tallied in each category.

The procedure is simple: Just click on the links to the categories below, look at the candidates, click onto the links to Poll Daddy and then, click on your favorite candidate to vote.

With the exception of Best Photo and Mystery Bridge, each candidate has a short summary with links for more information. In the category Mystery Bridge, click directly on the name of the candidate to access the photos and stories of these structures before voting. The voting process is open to everybody, and you are free to forward the polls to others interested. Please keep in mind that voting will close on January 6th, the Day of Epiphany. This will give you time to go through the candidates and vote on your favorites. If you have any further questions, please contact Jason Smith at the Chronicles.

Without further ado, happy voting! 🙂

Categories with the polls:

Best Photo

Mystery Bridge

Best Kept Secret

Bridge of the Year 

Lifetime Achievement

Best Example of Restored Historic Bridge


Special thanks to Kari Lucin at the Grand Forks Herald for all her efforts and help in getting this happen. 

2013 Ammann Awards: Voting Underway

Sternbrücke Elbe Crossing in Magdeburg, Germany- Photo taken in February 2011



Due to record entries, deadline extended to January 3rd with winners announced on January 7th

After tallying the entries for seven categories for this year’s 2013 Othmar H. Ammann Awards, voting officially commenced yesterday with the ballots being made available on James Baughn’s Bridgehunter Website. This is followed by the ballot being made available here through the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles, where you need to click on the words The Bridgehunter Ammann Awards, then again under attachment and you’ll have a ballot in PDF format.

Some changes to the format of the voting is as follows: 1. We had a record number of entries for this year’s awards, both for photos, as well as mystery bridges and best kept secret places. This is a very good sign, for the interest in historic bridges, both in the United States and Canada as well as in Europe is extremely high. We even have a record number of entries on the international scale where most of them originate from Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, as well as in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many thanks to those who submitted their entries and may the best candidate win, both in the US as well as elsewhere.

With this high number of entries, this means more time to read more about the candidates before voting. Therefore before voting, click on the links and read about them before voting. In exchange, ther deadline has been pushed back a couple weeks to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can. Instead of December 23rd, the deadline to submit all completed ballots is January 3rd. They will then be tallied, with the winners being announced on January 7th.  One might consider this the Bridge Bowl, like in all the college football bowl games that occur in January, like the Rose Bowl or the Sugar Bowl, but for courtesy sake, shotgun voting is not the best preferred option with all the nominations out there. 😉

The ballots are both in English as well as in German, yet if there are any questions or other concerns before voting, please feel free to contact Jason D. Smith at the Chronicles, using the e-mail info in the ballot. The Chronicles would like to wish all of you happy voting as well as a joyous holiday season. Looking forward to your voting results.

Click below for the ballot:

The Bridgehunter Ammann Awards