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After any boats travelling along the Caledonian Canal have descended through the system of locks to reach the ‘natural’ water level on their way out to the Beauly Firth at Inverness, they then have to go through the Muirtown Swing Bridge. Whenever necessary, the traffic is stopped, and the bridge swings smoothly open on a […]

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Ever seen the likes of this before? Not me. Not around these parts. Maybe it’s a Northern thing. This S bridge in Hendrysburg, Ohio was built with “manholes,” or safety niches where a pedestrian could get out of the way of a runaway team of horses. While many S bridges were generally used for crossing […]

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Tauberrettersheim is a town of 839 people in the Tauber Valley just five-and-a-half kilometers upstream from Weikersheim. It is also nearly three kilometers upstream from Schäftersheim and roughly the same distance downhill from Queckbronn. The name Tauberrettersheim means Tauber-Rescuer’s-Home or maybe Tauber-Savior’s-Home, though I have never found any explanation of how it got that name. (If […]

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Community members gathered Saturday in Winterset to re-dedicate the iconic Cedar Covered Bridge. The bridge, made popular by the 1995 film “Bridges of Madison County,” was burned twice by arson, once in 2002, and again in 2017. Twenty-nine months after the most recent arson, the Madison County Covered Bridge Preservation Association, Inc. joined the Madison […]

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(TAIPEI, Taiwan) — A towering arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed Tuesday, sending a burning oil tanker truck falling onto boats in the water below. An air force helicopter, fishing vessels and more than 60 military personnel including divers were searching for possible victims. Six people, all foreigners, were missing and believed […]

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