Wordless Wednesday: Bridges of Cambridge

Wordless Wednesday: Bridges of Cambridge

Here’s another guest column in Connection with a tour of bridges in Great Britain. This time it’s the bridges of Cambridge. There are just as many reasons to visit this old and beautiful City as there is for reblogging this. Have a look at the photos and some comments from Janaline’s World Journey. Enjoy! 🙂

Janaline's world journey

Bridges of CambridgeBridges of Cambridge

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Bridge Trip! 17 Historic Iowa Bridges We’ve Discovered

Bridge Trip! 17 Historic Iowa Bridges We’ve Discovered

Growing up just North of the border, I can testify to the fact that Iowa has a large number and wide Array of historic bridges, whose history Dates back to the 1860s and whose Engineering Technology contributed to the way Transportation and infrastructure in the US has developed to this day. Here’s an account of one Family, who did a cross-country tour of the Hawkeye state and saw the cremé de la creme of bridges going from North to south. I hope you enjoy it and can use this as part of your vacation plan to visit the Midwest. Iowa does make a Person smile. 🙂

The Iowa Gallivant

We have traveled all over the great state of Iowa and we’ve noticed a trend. We have stumbled upon some outstanding bridges! From monstrous interstate high traffic achievements to small historical rural bridges that seem to be found in the most random places you can think of. Every road trip could use a bridge or two. (Click the links below the pictures to see the original blog post these bridges are featured in)

IMG_0981 One of our most enjoyable time on the Mississippi River was June in Lansing, Iowa. 

In the town park of Fertile, Iowa is one of the most picturesque scenes anywhere on the Winnebago River.

IMG_0766 Our latest trip to Spencer had this beautiful bridge welcoming us in to town and will see thousands of bikes during RAGBRAI this year!

IMG_0426 We made the trip to Charles City for our annual Scouting RAGBRAI series and enjoyed their iconic cable…

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The Bridges of Glauchau (Saxony), Germany

In connection with the article by the Freie Presse (Free Press) in Chemnitz, located just east of Glauchau: http://www.freiepresse.de/LOKALES/ZWICKAU/GLAUCHAU/Amerikaner-begibt-sich-in-Glauchau-auf-Bruecken-Jagd-artikel9897134.php

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles


There is a philosophy pertaining to visiting a town that makes tourism unique and interesting: Always look for the most uncommon and unvisited places first before visiting the main attractions. They have the most valuable information and features that will make you leave town knowing a bit more than before.

Glauchau, located in western Saxony approximately 20 kilometers west of Chemnitz and 13 kilometers north of neighboring Zwickau is a typical farming community. Yet despite having 23,000 residents, the community, which has a historic city center and two castles, is known for its serenity, as there is not much activity directly in the city, but more in the areas full of green, thanks to its parks, the Glauchau Reservoir and the green areas along the Zwickauer Mulde River. Here’s a sample of what a person can see while spending time in this quiet community:

And while I was there for…

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