London Bridge Down- God Bless the Queen

The White House from Washington, DC,
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On September 8th, 2022, an era that lasted for generations came to an end. Queen Elizabeth II, whose 70-year reign marks the longest in British History and second longest for a sovereign country, died peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She lived a fruitfill and fulfilling 96 years of life, a time where the world went through several stages in history- from World War II to the Cold War, then Reunification and the uncertainties of the 21st Century- yet she was the symbol of peace and stability, not only for Britain but also for the world. Nine out of ten people know about Elizabeth and the British Royalty, and in her 70 years of rule, she had lived through several presidencies in the USA (14), chancellors in Germany (10) and Britain (16). She was the bridge that went from the war generation to the baby boomers and now to generation Z. Nevertheless, she was one of the most popular figures of all generations, not only for Britain but for the rest of the world. While I was in London in 1999, I was at Buckingham Palace with colleagues from my alma mater in Minnesota but never got the chance to meet Her Majesty. Had I done so, my comment would have been “You’re simply the best. Carry on as you are.”

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and sister column The Flensburg Files would like to extend our condolences to King Charles III, the Royal Family and to those who have met her along the way. We would like to say thank you for 70 years of unity, stability and of peace. But also many thanks for making Britain and all members of the Commonwealth as it is today- independent and a democratic powerhouse. God Bless Her Majesty the Queen.


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In observance of her passing and upcoming memorial in London, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will take a 10-day absence in posting. The next article will appear on September 20th. The first podcast in the Chrnonicles’ Newsflyer will appear on September 24th. Keep in mind, the podcast for this upcoming Saturday had been prepared before the Queen’s passing. You will find that on the Chronicles’ Newsflyer Spotify and Anchor pages.

You can find more information and articles about the Queen in the Flensburg Files. The memorial slogan seen below will be displayed for the remainder of the year.