More Historic Automobile Bridges

More Historic Automobile Bridges

After looking at part 1 of the bridges in North Dakota along the Sheyenne River, we will look at part two. Here, Mr. Larson focuses on the bridges located in the eastern and central parts of the state, including one bridge that was restored at the time of his post. Enjoy! 🙂

Ghosts of North Dakota

This is part two in our series about historic North Dakota automobile bridges. In part one, we focused on Sheyenne River crossings in southeast North Dakota. This time, we’ve photographed historic steel bridges in East-Central North Dakota, on the Sheyenne, Goose, and James Rivers.

Some of these bridges are closed and abandoned, others are still in use, and one has been restored, but they will all share the same fate without human intervention, so we’ve chosen to document them here.

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