BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 197

Source: Susanna Torres Belmonte via Instagram


This week’s Pic of the Week takes us to the town of Tortosa on the River Erbo in Spain. And with that, the picture of this bridge comes to mind. The Pont del Ferro is a multiple-span continuous through truss bridge with Whipple truss design. It took three years to build the 224-meter truss bridge, which opened to railroad traffic in 1869. Its riveted truss connections make this bridge one of the oldest riveted truss bridges on the European continent. It used to serve rail traffic which connected Valencia and Tarragona until 2004 when it was shut down. Prior to its abandonment, it was partially destroyed during the Spanish Civil War (1936- 1939) and was subsequentially rebuilt to its present-day appearance. It took nine years to repurpose the bridge and rehabilitate it for pedestrian traffic. Since 2013, the pedestrian bridge, with its red color, has been serving cyclists, representing the history of Spain and its infrastructure.

Here’s another view of the bridge via link here. It’s a night photo but it shows you the side view of the bridge.


Enjoy the pic and remember: Your Bridge Matters. 🙂