Håverud Aqueduct at the Dalsland Canal — FrejaTravels

Dalsland Canal is one of the many canals which have been made in Sweden making it possible for boats to navigate between the many lakes. The canals make the needed artificial connections to supplement the rivers to make the journey possible. Dalsland Canal makes it possible to sail from the large Vänern Lake up to […]

Håverud Aqueduct at the Dalsland Canal — FrejaTravels

WP Monthly WordPrompt – BRIDGE — Kim’s Thoughts

WOW – another challenge that will spark my creativity! I got an email from WordPress – the platform I utilize for my blog – this morning. They announced a new initiative – the WordPress Monthly WordPrompt! #WordPrompt Here is what the email said: “Each month, we’ll be bringing you a single word that serves as […]

WP Monthly WordPrompt – BRIDGE — Kim’s Thoughts