BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 188

In the first Pic of the Week after a relaxing Easter break, our theme is bikes and bridges. Be it bicycles or motorcycles, historic and unique crossings tend to make for good backdrops for photo opportunities, as you can see with this shot at the Wave near Glauchau (Saxony). This was taken after a weekend bike tour with family to see another corner of Saxony which we haven’t visited yet. The X-factors to using bikes and bridges for photography are the elements in the background near the bridge, let alone the light setting. As you can see, this shot was taken in the afternoon sun, providing the bike with a long shadow. And as far as for what purpose, many of us, like myself love to experiment and have fun with it. Others tend to try it to market their newest models for others to buy. While I’ve challenged a couple bike dealers on my Instagram page to give it a shot, a word of advice who want to try and market the bike with the bridge, do it on spontaneity, and not on desperation. The less desperate to sell your product, the more fun you will have taking this shot.

This one was a surprise shot. Just sayin’ 😉