Alte Brücke (a.k.a. Karl-Theodor Bridge) in Heidelberg

Source: BishkekRocks, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our next bridge to present along the River Neckar is located in Heidelberg. The Old Town Bridge was built in 1788 yet the first crossing that existed was during the Roman Empire in the first Century CE. After its collapse in 200, there was no crossing until the 12th Century. And the rest was history. For more on the bridge’s history, you can click here. We have a video on the bridge where a tour was given in and around the historic structure.

This is the third of series on the bridges along the River Neckar in the German state of Baden-Würtemberg. To view the entire list of Neckar River crossings, click on the link here and you will find the complete list, most of them have separate articles about them.

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