The Baltimore and Ohio Cuyahoga River Trio

B&O Drawbridge Nr. 463. The Detroit-Superior Bridge is on the left. Photo taken by Douglas Butler.

There are many corners of Cleveland, Ohio where one will find historic bridges. In the shadow of the Detroit-Superior Bridge are three drawbridges that span the Cuyahoga River. Built around the turn of the century, the bridges served the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line which caressed the river but was looking for a port along Lake Erie. They found one in Whiskey Island and until their abandonment in the early 1980s, these bridges played a role in allowing the B&O to supply raw materials and other goods between the port and places to the south and east. This documentary features a detailed history of three drawbridges, Nr. 460, 463 and 464. Only Nr. 460 remains in service and there are plans to repurpose the other two. It will look at B&O’s search for a perfect port in Cleveland and how these bridges were built. You can also look at the information on the three bridges via links found at the end of the video.

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Bridge info:

Baltimore and Ohio Drawbridge Nr. 460

Baltimore and Ohio Drawbridge Nr. 463

Baltimore and Ohio Drawbridge Nr. 464