Old Roads and Bridges of Newbury and Newburyport — Historic Ipswich

Bridge over the Parker River in Newbury, on today’s Rt. 1A, 1898.

Old Roads and Bridges of Newbury and Newburyport — Historic Ipswich

Here’s another bridge tour guide from the same website but this one looks at the bridges of Newburyport in Connecticut. Most of them are now gone but during the old days of the 1900s, these bridges were very popular because of their design and unique value to the community.

Battles of the bridges — Historic Ipswich

The Town proceeded to build the County & Green St. stone bridges is in contrast with its belligerent opposition to the earliest ones.

Battles of the bridges — Historic Ipswich

In this link above, we take a look at the historic bridges of Ipswich, Massachusetts, both past and present. Courtesy of Historic Ipswich. Enjoy! 🙂