BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 182

This week’s Pic of the Week is basically a throwback and an entrance to spring, where the weather is getting warmer and the leaves are ready to blossom. It’s a time for picnics and walks in the forest and of course, it’s time for bridgehunting.

This pic was taken in 2009 and is located east of Canton, South Dakota. The White Bridge is a pin-connected Pratt through truss bridge with Howe lattice portal bracings and V-laced endposts. Built in 1893 by the Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Works Company, it may have been moved here from its original location in 1925. It spans the Big Sioux River at the Iowa/ South Dakota Border. Closed for almost 15 years, this bridge has shown no signs of age and deterioration as it’s being used for pedestrians and fishermen. It’s an excellent backdrop from a couple of nearby homes that are situated on the hills looking down towards the river. While there is no information on the bridge’s future, given its location just north of the US Hwy. 18 Bridge, chances are most likely it will become a pedestrian bridge in the near future. It would be a perfect chance to keep a piece of history and provide some greenery and some exercise for walkers and cyclists alike.

More information on the bridge can be found here.

Again, if you want to help the Ukrainians who are either fighting or fleeing, click on the link here and you will be directed to the page where you can donate your resources and time to help. Also check your local donors to see if they are doing some services to support the refugees that will eventually make its way to the States. They will need your help. They will thank you for it. ❤