Bezos and Bridges — claytoonz

Bridges are literally crumbling and falling apart in the United States from decades of neglect. One of President Joe Biden’s accomplishments was the infrastructure package he signed into law last November. On the same day the president was visiting Pittsburgh, a bridge in that city collapsed. Over 45,000 bridges in this nation have been graded […]

Bezos and Bridges — claytoonz

Many people have seen some political comic strips drawn by cartoonist John Clay and containing some puns and criticism of some events and certain people in the news.

The story of the plan to dismantle the Del Mer in Rotterdam has spread around the globe in less than a week and it was Mr. Clay’s sense of creative humor that led him to drawing this comic strip of the bridge and Bezos with his mega-yacht. It’s part of a series where Clay really rips into the billionaire and his exploits. It leads to the question of what Bezos has next on his agenda: creating the United Federation of Planets is a far-fetched fantasy but one that is now well within reach. 🚀

Check out his criticism on America’s infrastructure and his video on how to draw the strip. Enjoy 😊.