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For some reason this piece of artwork managed to go unnoticed for over a month now. It was until I checked my inbox in the BHC page yesterday that I found this.

Sue Arnold created a sketch of one of the bridges in the Keeseville Hamlet, most notably the Stone Arch Bridge spanning the AuSable River right in the middle of the business district. It’s the oldest of the four historic bridges that one should see while visiting Keeseville (see the tour guide: The Historic Bridges of Keeseville, New York).

This drawing depicts the bridge from an oblique view but from an artistic point of view. More I will not say, just that I will let you interpret this as you celebrate the year we’ve been waiting for for quite some time now. 🎉🍻🏔️


The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and sister column The Flensburg Files would like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. This year was not what we all wanted, but together as a team, family and community, we can make 2022 great for everyone. Work together and find out what you can do for yourself, your family and friends, the environment, and everything around. As John F. Kennedy would say: It’s not what the country can do for you, it’s what you can do for your country. In our case, the world 🌎🌍.


2021 Bridgehunter Awards Update:

You have three weeks left to submit your votes for this year’s awards. Click on the links to the ballot below and submit your votes. Spread the message so that others can do the same. Ten categories and a lot of great candidates. Many of which can also be checked out on the Chronicles on Instagram.

2021 Bridgehunter Awards Voting Part 1: Best Bridge Photo.

2021 Bridgehunter Awards Voting Ballot Part 2

2021 Bridgehunter Awards Part 3


Happy New Year and happy bridgehunting, folks. ❤️🏔️🍻



1866: The Initial Unveiling of a “Great Suspension Bridge” Between Ohio and Kentucky — Transportation History

December 1, 1866 A suspension bridge spanning the Ohio River between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Covington, Kentucky, was opened to the public when people were first allowed to walk across the new structure. The next day’s edition of the Cincinnati-based Commercial Gazette reported, “The new bridge was thronged throughout the day, fully 20,000 having crossed between sunrise […]

1866: The Initial Unveiling of a “Great Suspension Bridge” Between Ohio and Kentucky — Transportation History