BHC Pic of the Week

The last Pic of the Week for 2021 has to end with a little snow ❄️. This shot was taken at the Goltzschtal Viaduct in Mylau near Reichenbach in Saxony. We just received our first Christmas snowfall in a few years and this coating of snow made for some winter activities that we had to put off for the last 3-4 years, including the Covid Lockdown which included a ban on skiing and travel. As you can see here, winter photography, especially of bridges, is one of those hobbies we all were waiting for and we were willing to chance the frigid temps for. 😉⛄🏔️❄️

For the largest stone arch viaduct in the world 2021 has become a special year. The bridge turned 170 years old and has been shortlisted for the UNESCO World Heritage site along with 31 other historic sites on German scale. The official announcement of who will be listed will be sometime in 2023 or latest 2025, pending on the situation with Covid. Already the neighboring Ore Mountains has been declared a World Heritage site. If this bridge is listed, it would be the first since the Firth of Forth Bridge in 2019. But the works of Johann Schubert and Robert Wilkes has some stiff competition and the requirements by UNESCO are quite stiff. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. 🤞

But for now, enjoy the photo and the winter weather, wherever you are. The season is getting as rare as the number of historic bridges. ⛄


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