BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 170

It’s five more days until Christmas and still the tradition of presenting the Pic of the Week rides on. This bridge was photographed by James Baughn in 2016- a stone arch bridge with a beautiful setting. Many people hate winter, but I find the season the best of all four because as you can see in this picture, winter can reveal the best in a picture. ❄️❤️

Just a quick question: Where is this bridge, anyway? Any ideas, just place your guesses in the comment section either here or on BHC’s facebook pages. ❄️☃️😉


A few items to clear up as we approach Christmas:

There have been some requests regarding researching a historic bridge. I wrote an article about this in 2014 when BHC was run by areavoices. It has been updated recently and is available on this website. Click on the links below to read them:

Part 1:

Part 2:


And additionally:

Some people have been having issues accessing the ballots of the 2021 Bridgehunter Awards due to confusion, etc. While I will be doing some quick fixes to make voting easier, just a couple points to cover:

  1. If it’s blue, then click on it. Each candidate marked in blue has a link where you can visit the site and read the information about it. Almost every candidate in the ten categories has some pictures on there.
  2. To vote, click on the link you will find near the heading of each category. Again, it’s marked in blue and either as a link outright or by clicking on the blue bold print HERE. You’ll be directed to the voting platform where you can submit your votes. Multiple voting is possible.
  3. If cannot access the voting platform because your server doesn’t support, try Google Chrome or Firefox, because they support it for sure.

And with that, here are the links to the three parts of the 2021 Bridgehunter Awards ballot:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Podcasts for each category will be added between now and January to listen to the summaries of each candidate.


Happy Bridgehunting, Folks! 😊❤️


🎄☃️🌉 BHC

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