‘America Is Moving Again.’ Joe Biden Signs $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill With Bipartisan Support — TIME

(WASHINGTON) — President Joe Biden signed his hard-fought $1 trillion infrastructure deal into law Monday before a bipartisan, celebratory crowd on the White House lawn, declaring that the new infusion of cash for roads, bridges, ports and more is going to make life “change for the better” for the American people. But prospects are tougher…

‘America Is Moving Again.’ Joe Biden Signs $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill With Bipartisan Support — TIME
Photo by Claudia Schmalz on Pexels.com

Nine days ago, I shared a podcast to you on Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill that was being proposed and contains a long list of appropriations of where the over $1 trillion is going to. Among them included money being allocated for bridge work, for over two thirds of the crossings in America are in need of repairs and/replacement. Check out the details in this link here.

Fast forward to today’s post. As of today, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that the US President has campaigned for since taking office in January is now signed into law. Biden signed the bill into law on Monday after weeks of political wrangling. Of the amount being made available, Over $550 billion will be made available for roads and bridges. Details can be found in the Time Magazine article by clicking on the link above the bridge photo.

The law was supported by 32 Congressional Republicans, including Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the GOP. Yet the bill has gotten some mixed reviews from politicians, engineers and historians.

As far as historic bridges and preservation are concerned, there was little mentioning of the bill, and therefore, I would like to hear from you:

Will this bill be beneficial for historic bridge preservation, let alone for bridge construction in general? To be specific, will it encourage indiscriminate replacement without considering alternatives, such as rehabilitation or simple repairs?


Feel free to comment in the section below and/or via social media what your opinion is regarding the bill. Please make your arguments as constructive and profession as possible. Any comments that promote hate speech and bashing of one’s opinions will be removed immediately.



Good luck and looking forward to your comments.



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