BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 166  Tribute to James Baughn


This week’s Pic of the Week is also an Endangered TRUSS Award candidate and it focuses on a bridge that has been neglected for such long time, and if there is a possibility, it needs a new home. The Bolivia Road Bridge, known by locals as the Lanesville Truss Bridge, is a multiple-span truss bridge, spanning the Sangamon River at the border of Christian and Sangamon Counties. The 620-foot long bridge features a 180-foot pinned connected Parker through truss span, which has ornamental Lattice portal bracings with curved heels; the struts are also lattice. The remaining spans feature a half-hip pony truss span, 19-spans of trestle approaches on the north end and a stringer approach on the south end. The 120-year old bridge, built by J.T. Garrett of St. Louis, has been listed on the National Register since 2004.

Despite the listing on the NRHP, the Bolivia Road Bridge is considered one of the most neglected historic bridges in the country- a “step child” that neither county cares to have on their road system. The bridge has been closed for over a decade and plans had been in place at the same time for a new concrete span, whose expected lifespan is over a century- with no maintenance.  Furthermore, news stories on the bridge’s history has been distorted in newspapers, numerous times, resulting in criticism from the historic bridge community because the story is biased and written from someone who did no research and wrote for the money provided in the coffins of rich people wanting a new bridge at any cost.

Despite all the talk of demolition of the bridge, the structure is still standing. Even after James Baughn took this in 2016, most recent photos have indicated that the bridge is still standing strong- the decking covered in grass- but still standing in tact. The question though is for how long? While the window of opportunity is still open, we need a plan that will include saving and most likely relocating the Bolivia Bridge, getting our hands on the structure before the wrecking crew does. While the bridge is protected by the National Register, it is unknown for how long for pressure is mounting to have it delisted to allow for the demolition to take place. Therefore one needs to find it a new home and soon, be it in state or out of state, as long as the window of opportunity remains open.

If there is a way to find a new home for it or to restore it, feel free to comment, but also address the issue with the local officials and other agencies.



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