An urban hike to Jeffersonville, Indiana — Tonya Takes Thailand

A bridge walk away from Louisville, across the Ohio River, is a small town called Jeffersonville. It poured down rain on Sunday, so instead of hitting the wooded trails, George and I opted to hike a paved route to get outdoors for a bit in an attempt to stop being sloths. We hiked on an […]

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An urban hike to Jeffersonville, Indiana — Tonya Takes Thailand

Triple Whipple Bridge in Dearborn, County, Indiana

We’re taking you back to one of the articles written in 2018 about this unique rarity. The Laughery Creek Bridge, known as the Triple Whipple Bridge, is located in Dearborn County, Indiana. It was a product of the Wrought Iron Bridge Company, built in 1878 and is the only bridge of its kind left in the world. Beyond that, you can read more about it at the end of this article. This one is James Cooper with many thanks that this gem is not only saved but still in use. ❤ 🙂


There’s an additional video with some detailed views of the bridge inside and out you can see here below:


The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

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Our next bridge profile is a true rarity found in the US; in particular, in one of the most historic bridge-laden states in the country- Indiana. Three miles south of Aurora in Dearborn County, and a half mile west of the Ohio River is the Triple Whipple Bridge. The origin of the name comes from the fact that this 298 foot long through truss bridge is the only truss bridge of its kind left in the United States, whose diagonal beams pass through three panels instead of the two that are typical of the truss design invented by Squire Whipple. Normally, truss bridges have diagonals supporting one panel. The bridge was built in 1878 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company and used to serve a major highway until the 1950s. Restored in 2008, it still receives its lion’s share of pedestrians and cyclists today.  It has been on…

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