The Ladies’ Bridge of London, England — Bridge Boys

Monday, September 6th 2021 – Just in time for Labor Day we had to drop our episode about the Ladies’ Bridge in England. This tribute goes out to all of the women doing work in the building trades. Jeremy and Andreas wanted to take a moment and cover a couple of pivotal women in the […]

The Ladies’ Bridge of London, England — Bridge Boys

The next article on the Wartime Bridge Series goes to London and to the Waterloo Bridge. Spanning the River Thames, the 5-span concrete arch bridge was open to traffic in 1945 and is located between the Blackfriars and Golden Jubilee/Hungerford Bridges. While the bridge may be modern to today’s standards, little do we know is that the structure was built primarily by women, while their husbands and partners were off fighting the enemy and eventually winning the war. The Crew at Bridge Boys produced a podcast back in September, honoring not only the women who built this bridge but for all the women in the field. Click on the link above and look at the summary about this unique piece of structural work. There’s a petition drive to honor the women for their work in the article.