The Bridges of Juniata County — 52 Pickup

By Timothy B. Barner

I was cleaning out a portion of an upstairs bedroom in the house I grew up in. This section of bedroom was piled high with all manner of… stuff: pictures, window shades, board games, a stamp collection, dishes, metal shelves, and so much more. My father had been a pack rat. […]

The Bridges of Juniata County — 52 Pickup
East Oriental Covered Bridge. Photo taken by Janis Ford in 2013

This post came about a couple days ago and it looks at the covered bridges in Juniata County in central Pennsylvania, written from a journalist’s point of view when he grew up in the region. Some of the bridges mentioned in his piece (click in the link above the picture) no longer exist, but the information on the dimensions and dates can be found here, courtesy of Enjoy the facts and stories behind the bridges in the county. 🙂