HYB: Able Mitchell Bridge in Parke County, Indiana

Photo taken by James MacCray


Between now and the end of this year, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles will be paying tribute to J.R. Manning and Dr. James Cooper through a series of photos and films to be posted on Sundays, as a way of giving thanks for their years of work reporting on and spearheading efforts in saving historic bridges in their regions.

Our first bridge in the tribute series takes us to the Able Mitchell Bridge, spanning Big Raccoon Creek northeast of Bridgeton. It is the last through truss bridge in the county that features a unique portal bracing, as seen in the picture. Yet even though efforts were undertaken to profile this bridge and its association with its builder, Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, OH, the bridge has been sitting idle for three decades in hopes that the structure will get a good facelift and a repurposement in hopes it can be used as a bike trail crossing or a park someday. Satolli Glassmeyer of History in your own Backyard will give you the rest of the story in the video below…….


More information on the bridge can be found here.



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