BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 159 Tribute to James Baughn

The next Pic of the Week dedicated to James Baughn provides us with a new meaning of „Less is More.“ This photo was taken by Mr. Baughn in 2016 and it features a dump truck attempting to cross this suspension bridge. Where this bridge is located is unknown (you may place your comments and links in the section below), but the driver made it across safely. This is a question of luck while most other attempts have met with bridge failure, most of the time with personal injury.

Yet this is symbolic on all fronts because we are taking risks and we are all at risk. When we look at the newest report introduced by the United Nations and the alarm bells that are ringing deafly. Global temperatures are expected to reach 1.5°C by 2030 and not by 2050. The continuation of risk taking on our part- a business as usual approach- will result in a 6°C increase by 2050. And as we read this, no area is safe from the extremities that will get worse exponentially- forest fires, floodings, storms and drought. And if one says we’re going through cycles, they are sorely mistaken. Global warming has been connected with human activity and human activity has included taking risks and maximizing our earnings.

Therefore we need to downsize. Not just our loads like in this picture, but in terms of our mentality. If we want to have the lifestyle we’re used to having during our childhood and pass it down to our children, we need to think less of our own needs and think more of what the others need, and especially what mother nature needs.  Less means more. The less we produce the more we can reuse (or recycle). The less carbon dioxide we release the more oxygen and greens we will have. The less we possess, the more others can enjoy the fruits that we do. The less number of buildings the more trees and other habitat we can enjoy. The less reliant we are with disinformation the more we can be reliant on what’s happening around us.  The fewer me’s and the more of the others who want to live like we lived when we were kids.

And with this photo, there’s one more food for thought: The lesser the load, the more we can maximize the use of things instead of demolishing and replacing with newer things.  Less is more and we should think about what we should do between now and 2030……



As mentioned before, the BHC will be on hiatus until September 14th in terms of podcasts. The same will apply for the Pic of the Week series. However, guest columns will be featured here on this website in the author’s place between now and mid-September which you will only find here and not in the social media. 

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Happy Bridgehunting and happy trails until we meet again! Have a lovely summer break and stay safe out there. ❤ 🙂