No Shoes Required — Monochromia

No Shoes Required — Monochromia

Our 154th Mystery Bridge features this guest post and photo (click on the link above). The bridge is located in Aarhus in northern Denmark. The question is where exactly is this bridge, let alone what do we know about this bridge in terms of its history? Feel free to provide some notes and links in the comment section below.

Happy Bridgehunting, folks! 🙂


King Hans’s naval bridge — FrejaTravels

In 1807 Denmark was attacked without warning by the British navy. Hey bombarded Copenhagen and after the first terror bombardment of a major city the Danish king decided to turn over the Danish navy to the British attackers. The Danish navy was actually pretty back in 1807 – after the battle of Trafalgar the Danish […]

King Hans’s naval bridge — FrejaTravels