BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 153

Abandoned Bridges make for artwork because of the relationship with nature and how it takes over the structure, thus creating artwork that is considered interesting. In some cases however, the overgrowth of trees, bushes and vines are so immense that one cannot see the bridge in the end. But in this Pic of the Week dedicated to James Baughn, this bridge is the exception. During one of his many bridgehunting tours, James Baughn found this bridge sitting over a ravine with nothing more but grass and bushes covering just the bottom chords. The “up-close-and-personal-portal shot” reveals the decking removed but the bridge sitting in fairly good shape. Yet the photo was taken in an urban setting with at least 3-4 businesses in the background, which means the replacement bridge was built on a new alignment and this through truss bridge is sitting in the field waiting for either the developers for bike trails or nature to take ownership, where chances are likely the latter is winning.

This leads to the question: Where was this bridge located? Feel free to place your answers in the Comment section. 🙂


Happy Bridgehunting, Folks!


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