Birchenough Bridge Shacking — ZimEye

Birchenough Bridge By A Correspondent- Lack of maintenance has seen the iconic Birchenough Bridge being turned into a one-way passage for vehicles weighing less than 25 tonnes as assessments of the structure revealed that it could pose danger to motorists if weight restrictions were not enforced. A boom gate at each end of the bridge […]

Birchenough Bridge Shacking — ZimEye
Birchenough Bridge, one of Africa’s iconic and oldest historic bridge is on the verge of collapse. The lack of maintenance combined with ignorance to repair the 86-year old structure has pushed the structure to the brink. Here’s an article written by the Zim Eye which describes the bridge’s dire straits in detail. Click on the link above to view.

Information on the bridge’s history can be found by clicking here.