BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 149: Tribute to James Baughn

This week’s Pic of the Week also kicks off the summer season, which is full of traveling, swimming, visiting friends, and of course, bridgehunting.

And with that, I’m taking you to Iowa, where James photographed this pony truss bridge, sitting nestled away in the grass, surrounded by the state’s signature steep hills and forests nearby. This bridge used to span a small creek before it was taken out and put on display for travelers to see. It’s located near another historic bridge. And as a hint, I saw this bridge in 2007, six years earlier than this pic, taken in 2013 while traveling through the state.

Any ideas where this bridge may be located? Guess your answers in the comment section below or on the Chronicles’ facebook pages or that of the Historic Bridges of Iowa. Your answers will come next week when we present another photo artwork of Mr. Baughn’s.


Until then, happy bridgehunting and enjoy your summer! 🙂


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