Mystery Bridge Nr. 147: Unusual Kingpost Truss Bridge in the Midwest

Our 147th Mystery Bridge gives us this game show question: Name this Bridge Type!

Nick Schmiedeler presented this pic on the website a couple weeks ago and features one of the most unusual truss bridges ever built in the US. It’s a kingpost through truss bridge, whose portal bracings seem to be held together by wooden beams. In fact, the entire structure appears to have been built using wood from a nearby forest.  The decking appears to have a Queenpost design, when looking at the picture more closely.

The question is what kind of truss is this? If this was an attempt to build a covered kingpost truss bridge, it was an epic fail because it was never completed. It’s definitely not a Waddel truss because of diagonal beams are non-existant, although maybe this was being applied after the photo was taken. It could also be that the bridge was being built at the time of the photos, but given the lack of people plus a road sign on the portal, it’s very likely the bridge was completed at the time of the photo.

According to Nick, this bridge was located in the Midwestern part of the country. The question is where?  The photo was black and white with nothing but hills and trees. The question is when was this pic taken, let alone when was this bridge built?  And lastly, who was the mastermind behind this build?

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Best of luck with this search for info.