The Debut of a Railway Bridge in London

The Debut of a Railway Bridge in London

Transportation History

March 2, 1863

A new railway bridge crossing the River Thames in London was officially opened. This 754.6-foot (230-meter)-long bridge connects the areas of Battersea and Fulham in England’s capital city. Now commonly known as the Battersea Railway Bridge, this structure had early on been named the Cremorne Bridge after public gardens that were once located nearby along the river.

The Battersea Railway Bridge was designed by William Baker, chief engineer of the London and North Western Railway. This structure was one of the first railway bridges to be built across the River Thames. The Battersea Railway Bridge now carries the West London line, a railway providing passenger and freight services in the city. The portion of the West London line in the vicinity of the Battersea Railway Bridge is operated by the rail network London Overground.

In 2008, the Battersea Railway Bridge was one of seven longtime bridges spanning…

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